2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 5June 23, 2021 The University of Tokyo


Continuing from last week, our team made the body and the main wing this week. The body is like a baseball bat in shape, made by joining several cylinders and truncated cones of styrofoam together. We first cut out from sheets of balsa circular plates in the shape of the top and bottom of the cylinders and truncated cones, and cuboids from a block of styrofoam. Then, we placed the plates on the top and bottom of the styrofoam cuboids so that the centers of the plates were aligned, and cut the cylinders and truncated cones with the electric hot cutter along with the plates. Regarding the main wing, we cut out the ribs from sheets of balsa with a laser cutter. Next week, we will assemble the body, cut out the jigs of the main wing, and assemble the main wing.