2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1November 24, 2021


This time we assembled the body of the hexacopter. We used a laser cutter to cut out the balsa woods that make up the hexagonal vertices, and joined them with instant adhesives. The width of the carbon square pipse was a little larger than expected, so we had to shave the balsa wood.
Next time, we are going to adjust the distortion of the hexagonal structures and determine the placement of the battery, ESC, and the control board.

About the framework
Our hexacopter is made up of carbon square pipes and balsa wood, and has a three-layer structure. To make the structure strong, the arms of the hexacopter are made of three carbon square pipes instead of six. We think this will reduce the distortion while the hexacopter is flying. The motor parts are connected to each other by square pipes in order to reduce the load on the central part. Also, the hexagonal shape of the joints makes it easier for us to assemble the parts accurately.