Green Tech Contest in Taiwan

This student technology contest has been held by a non-profit organization "TECO foundation" in Taiwan for years. The contest focused on those technologies what makes impact on environment issues. The university of Tokyo have participated this contest for 3 years. In every year, UTokyo selects one student team from multiple channels and send them to participate this contest. The 2013 UTokyo team won the first prize of the green contest 2013.

Meanwhile, this contest requires students to explain their research in business perspective but doesn't require the detail of business model very much. Therefore it is exactly suitable for those students who haven't much business experience to participate. In past years, one of participant teams had made up their team in the preparation of the contest and then won several business contests in Japan after this Green Tech Contest.

台湾グリーンコンテストは、台湾にある非営利組織である「TECO Foundation」が主催する学生技術コンテストであり、環境問題の改善に寄与する研究に焦点を合わせたコンテストです。東京大学は2013年からの参加となり、毎年学年を問わずに複数のチャンネルから学生チームを一つ選抜し、台湾に送り込んでいました。そして2013年の参加チームは最優秀賞を勝ち取りました。

Activities Reportactivities "Green Tech Contest in Taiwan" Report

  • September 20, 2016

    U-Tokyo Students got bronze medal in Green Tech Contest in Taiwan

    "Indoor Wireless Power Transfer" is a project aiming to eliminate every single indoor power line by using wireless power transfer, a technology studied in our research group.
    We presented a demonstration at TECO Green Tech Contest 2016, an international technology contest and got the Bronze Prize.

    We got many precise feedbacks from the participants, and are planning to advance our project to realize a truly wireless environment.

    Asami & Kawahara Lab.,
    Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
    Takuya Sasatani

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