Project-Based Learning プロジェクト ベースト ラーニング

What is PBL?

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Project-based learning is offered in the “Flying Robot Project”, a part of “Creative Engineering Projects”. Junior and senior undergraduate students, as well as graduate students are welcome to join the project. An important goal of the project is to offer a chance to students to put in practice the knowledge they have gained in lectures to build and test their own aircraft. Following a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle, the students analyze and solve an assignment, and validate their answer. During the aircraft building and flight test phases, the students work in teams, where discussions about the progress of each task helps the students develop their leadership, management and organizational skills.


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Activities Reportactivities "Project-Based Learning" Report

  • May 08, 2024

    2024 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1

    Hello! In group A of the 2024 summer semester class, we decided to create a biplane capable of aerobatics. In the initial manufacturing phase, we began constructing the horizontal and vertical stabilizers using balsa wood.
    The dimensions for the main wing have been determined, but the detailed design is not completed. We will proceed to finalize the design of the main wing while continuing the manufacturing of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers using the facilities in Building 13.

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  • May 08, 2024

    2024 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 1

    We are the Flying Robot Project (2024S Semester) Team B. We would like to share the progress report of Team B.
    We are building a joined wing aircraft.
    Today, we started making the vertical tail wings. We are in the process of making a draft on paper according to the design, placing the bamboo strips according to the draft, filling the gaps at the corners with balsa wood, and gluing them together with instant glue.
    Next time, we will continue the fabrication of the vertical tail wings and complete the detailed design of the main wings, fuselage, and horizontal tail wing before starting the fabrication.

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  • May 08, 2024

    2024 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 1

    Today, we gathered at the workshop to finalize the design of our own customized drone and borrowed a 3D printer from the Tsuchiya Laboratory to print out the work. Please refer to the following photo for an outline drawing of the drone.
    After that, guidance on the use of Pixhawk and setup of Ardupilot was done using our own personal computers. During the session, other methods for controlling the self-made drone were also explained.
    The next step is to check for any mechanical problems by completing and flying our customized drone.

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  • May 08, 2024

    2024 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1

    Our group is working on a Flying Wing aircraft.
    This week, we worked on everything from cutting out the components to assembling them.
    The main wings are made of a D-box structure to provide torsional strength. The structure consists of ribs, spars, planks, and stringers.
    The front of the lower surface of the airfoil is almost flat, so the planks can be attached easily and there are no washouts, so overall it was very easy to build.
    Next week, We will work on the elevon surface and apply film to the upper and lower surfaces of the main wings.

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  • May 08, 2024

    2024 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 1

    Our aircraft is a T-tail with ailerons, a rudder, and an elevator. We have only built elevator and rudder aircraft before, so we were motivated by the need to control the roll directly. The aileron area was increased to achieve barrel roll.
    Prior to fabrication, simulation of the motion and modeling in 3D CAD were conducted. Barrel roll was achieved in the simulation, and the 3D CAD model was used as a reference during fabrication.
    This week, we cut out the ribs of the main wing and the joints between the fuselage and the wing using a laser cutter. The ribs are made of balsa wood and the joints are made of MDF. We hope to finalize the aileron structure and order the materials by next week.

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