2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 4June 14, 2023


One of the members was absent this week due to illness. With three members working together, it was difficult to divide the workload, and the three of us worked together to efficiently complete one task.

The framework was assembled. We had already finished cutting the carbon pipe and processing the plates with the laser cutter. To ensure that the pipes would not twist and remain perpendicular, we printed a top view on A3 paper, laid it down, and carefully assembled the framework with instant adhesives to prevent it from shifting. Since we gave priority to the position of the pipes, there were some misalignments in the overlapping boards, but this should not be a problem as long as you don't mind. If I have time, I will consider sanding and painting.
Then, we also drilled holes with a drilling machine in the four plates where the motor will be mounted. As a mechanical engineering major, I had used a drilling machine before and was familiar with its operation, but this was my first time using a drilling machine to process wood instead of metal. That’s why I was interested in the difference in feel. In the mechanical engineering classes, I was required to wear work clothes, safety glasses, and safety shoes, but it seemed that these were not necessary when processing wood. I thought it was nice that we could casually do it.

Next time, we would like to proceed with the soldering and installation of motors and batteries. I am looking forward to it since I do not have much experience in soldering. Two of the four of us have a lot of soldering experience, so I hope to have fun while learning from them.