2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 10July 24, 2019


We conducted our first flight test for our plane. We were excited that we will finally were able to see our work take to the skies... but unfortunately, the best we could achieve today was a few "hops" during taxiing, despite our best efforts to lift the plane with the eleovons. There are a several likely causes for the problem, the largest of which are the fact that the moment pushing the nose downwards are too strong, due to the aerodynamic forces and the center of gravity being at too front of the plane. There is also the fact that the front wheels are currently too unstable for gaining speed, and the point of force working on the elevons from the servos are placed at a bad place.
We addressed all of the problems and challenged on the Second test flight on the 23th. This time, we managed to achieve a good stable flight. We crashed the plane a few times due to piloting error, but ended the day with no major damage except a broken propeller .It seemed that for airplanes with a high thrust to weight ratio, at this scale, the accuracy of the assembly is less important compared to the adjusting of Center of gravity and trims.
Can’t wait for the next, last test flight day!