To Indoor Flying Robot Contest 3rdSeptember 05, 2013


In the last two weeks we were trying to make an improvement to the first unit. After the first flight in August 19, we realized that all of the moving surfaces were too small, and we needed a little more gliding time. So, before building the second unit, we first made a little improvement to the first unit, that is to make an extension to the wingtip in order to raise the aspect ratio and extend the gliding time. We also made an alpha version of the dropping unit. この二週間で私たちは一号機の改良を行ってきました。8月19日の初飛行の後、一号機の問題点は操舵面が小さすぎることがわかり、できれば滑空時間も伸ばしたいと考えました。そこで、2号機を作り始める代わりに一号機を改良することで2号機の開発方針を試してみることにしました。具体的には翼端を延長してアスペクト比を上げて、架空時間を延ばすことを試みました。また、投下装置の試作品も作ってみました。


The designing of the dropping unit was a difficult task than we expected. It is a ratchet device, and it needed precise processing.
We made our second flight on September 4. The results were not so good, that is the dropping units didn’t work so well, and because the main wing’s aileron was too small for the extended main wing, we couldn’t control the plane, and finally we smashed the plane on the wall.
We will begin planning the second plane from today, based on the results of the flights.

正村 康太郎(Kotaro Shomura)