2020 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 4November 19, 2020


We began to make the main wing using the jig we made last week. The ribs of the main wing were produced by cutting balsa woods with laser cutter, and were arranged on the jig. Then we put main spars through the holes on the ribs, and glued them together. However, the main spar of the right wing wasn't stuck on the right position due to the slight inaccuracy of the jig, and which made us very careful in making the left wing after the right one. We checked the verticality of the jig every time we put the ribs, and thanks to that we could made an accurate left wing.
  We also have been making empennages since last week, and this week we completed them. We are going to assemble them with glue and hinge tapes next time.
 In addition to these, we also started to make floats. They are made of EPP, and we discussed and decided how to attach wheels to the floats.
 We hope we can complete to assemble all the parts next week.