2014 summer semester 3rdMay 14, 2014


 This week, we were divided into three groups. These are the groups in which we are going to make an aircraft as a team. One group consists of mainly graduate students and foreign students, and they are planning to make an automatic controlled airplane. The other two groups are mainly consist of junior students, and are planning to make manual controlled airplanes.

 Then Mr. Kimura, the teaching assistant of this project, told us the basic methods of producing an airplane. The first goal for us is the completion of initial trihedral figure of the airplane, which includes main property and outline but not detailed structure. In order to do that we have to make following steps: 1. decision of aircraft concept, 2. weight estimate, 3. wing design, 4. empennage design, 5. fuselage design, 6. arrangement of components and estimating position of gravity center. If necessary, we have to go back to 2. and repeat the procedure again to make the aircraft design more accurately.

 Although this is the initial designing, we have to consider various elements at the same time. We have to complete this initial process before next week session, so it seems we’ll get busy from now on.

 そして、このプロジェクトのTAである木村さんから機体製作についての基礎的な方法を教わりました。私たちにとっての最初の目標は初期三面図を完成させることです。これには、主要な性能諸元や外形が含まれますが詳細な構造までは含みません。初期三面図の作成には以下の手順を踏む必要があります。すなわち、1. 機体コンセプトの決定、2. 重量推算、3. 主翼設計、4. 尾翼設計、5. 胴体設計、6. 部品配置と重心推定です。そしてもし必要であれば機体設計をより正確にするために、2番に戻って手順を繰り返すことになります。


藤岡 駿(Shun Fujioka)