2016 winter semester Flying Robot Project 7th Team BDecember 07, 2016


This week our team modified the main wing, and made a prototype of the electric circuit that shall be used for the autopilot. Before modifications, the rib near the wing tip had a high angle of attack, making it easier to stall at the wing tip. This was changed by taking the rib off, and putting it back on horizontally. The main wing was also weak against torsion because the diagonal jsdlkjffskldjf were not connected to the trailing edge. We changed the position of the diagonal jdljffflksjfkj and the trailing edge so that they would make a structure where the diagonal jdklfjsdkjf would be a taikakusenn in a square made by the trailing edge and the shuketa. As for the prototype electric circuit, it is yet to be tested. If the circuit proves to move as expected, we are planning on hachuu the circuit.
Next week we plan to check if the circuit, and the program for the autopilot work properly. Our plane is almost finished, and we believe it will be finished after two weeks. For our plain to be finished, all we have to do is haru paper on the wing, and connect the main wing to the fuselage.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Keisuke Kanda

航空宇宙工学科 3年