2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 4th Team CMay 04, 2016


After the 3rd lecture, we took many technical advice on our plane’s design from teaching assistants. According to them, our flying wing would be a very unstable one because of the unique form which resemble a boomerang. In addition, two vertical fins on our flying wing wouldn’t pay off due to the overload to the main wing and the less effect on steerage. So we had to revise the design from the ground up.
Through exchanging each member’s ideas and opinions several times, we finally decided to pursue the original policy, namely, creating unique flying wing. To overcome the difficulties about the instability, we firstly recalculated the measurements of the main wing and this led to a smaller aspect ratio. Secondly, we determined to put away the idea of purposeless two vertical fins, and adopted one fin plan instead.
And thus, we were able to strengthen the foundations of the design, but some problems are still remained. For instance, we need a proficient operator to fly this plane since remote controlling a flying wing should be a very difficult one. We must keep in mind that these problems have to be somehow solved as early as possible, in order to meet with the flying plane of ours.

University of Tokyo, Department of Arts and Science, Sophomore
Yuya Hamaguchi