2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 4May 29, 2019


Our team is trying to create a hybrid of a quadcopter and a fixed wing airplane. Therefore, we decided to complete the quadcopter first.
Today, we prepared the wiring for automatic control using a pixracer. We were planning to start assembling the quadcopter frame, using carbon pipes and plywood, and connect a battery to make sure that the propellers move properly. However, the carbon pipes we ordered last week had not been delivered yet, so assembling will start next week. In addition, there were some mistakes about wiring, so we re-connected them properly. And the power module was broken, so we decided to prepare a new power module by the next time.
The wiring is almost complete today, so after confirming that the propeller move next week, we are going to assemble the carbon pipes, and make some parts from plywood using a laser cutter to make a quadcopter. And if we have enough time, we will start making the wings.