2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 2June 16, 2021 The University of Tokyo


"Spring is Akebono, the world is Nasake, walking like the Mogami River. How are you doing in early summer? This is Kikuchi.
The name of the aircraft we are building this time is "YXR-13K", and its nickname is "Yamwakka S". It is a unique twin-fuselage aircraft with an annular wing. I can't wait to see it fly.
Today, the first day of work, we started to build the main wing. The annular wing of this aircraft is shaped like a trapezoid with the long upper side and the corners cut off. To illustrate,
the lower part of↑ is shortened.
In order to make this, we decided to build the upper and lower wings first, then the left and right wings, and then join them together.
Today, we proceeded to the ribbing of the upper wing and the cutting of the beams for the upper and lower wings. Next week, we will continue with the upper and lower wings and make the jigs for the left and right wings."