2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 11July 10, 2019


We held a regular meeting for flying robot and did three main works on July 10th. The first is assembly of the body to the device of shifting the weight. The second is assembly of the body to the main wing and connection of each conductor cable. The third is check of the position for setting servos and fix of them.
At the last meeting, the body and the servo of the device were broken up and divided into two parts because the fix between them was not enough to tense the thread of the devise. What we have done for the purpose of improving the fix is setting new boards on the servo and the body around their connection. These boards can extend the contact area between the body and the servo and can allow them to connect more strongly. After assembling them successfully, we checked whether the device can allow the flying robot to shit its weight by linking to controller and operating manually.
When we assembled the body and the main wing, we first decided where to fix servos for an elevator and a rudder as checking each position. If we set servos on the wrong position, they prevent the device of shifting weight from moving successfully.
What to do at the next meeting is to fix PixHawk in front of flying robot for shifting its weight forward, to calibrate PixHawk and check whether the flying robot can shift its own weight successfully and can lift up without a cover of the main wing and to put the cover on the main wing to adjust all controlling parameters.