2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 5January 10, 2024


This week, Team C completed one wing and started working on the other. The first task was to connect the left and right ribs to the upper and lower spars with boards. Balsa boards were cut to match the widths, roughly matching the top and bottom widths, and then glued together, sanded and smoothed. This was done between all the ribs, which gave the wing a D shape in cross-section and made it stronger. One wing is now complete.
Next, we set about making the other wing. The workbench was too small for two wings, so we decided to make one wing and then combine them into one. The previously cut-out ribs were fixed with masking tape on the printed blueprint and the spars were passed over all the ribs front, back, left and right. After gluing the spars and ribs together, we set about fitting the planks. When bending the planks and gluing them to the spars and ribs, the planks were wetted with a misting spray to give them a bend. The work was completed when one of the upper planks was attached.
This was the end of the work as a class, but we will be allowed to use the workroom in the same way from next week onwards. In the next class time, we will work towards completing the wings as one piece, making the motor mounts and stretching Japanese paper or cellophane on the top and bottom of the wings. We will also be looking at increasing the strength of the spars by making additional spars as we seem to have accidentally used balsa wood for the spars this time instead of cypress wood.