2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1May 24, 2023


The general shapes of the main wings, horizontal stabilizers, and vertical stabilizer were determined and dxf files of them were generated in CAD. For the main wings in particular, the positions and the shapes of the five ribs were determined, and prototypes of them were produced by cutting out balsa wood with a laser cutter. At first, the laser cutter output was too high and some of the balsa wood was burnt, but by reducing the output and increasing the feed rate, the ribs were successfully cut out properly. From next week, the positions of the spars and the mechanisms of ailerons need to be determined and the shapes of the ribs will be determined in detail. In particular, since our group are planning to make an airplane with ailerons, we need to determine the final rib shapes after determining the positions, the shapes, and the mechanisms of the ailerons, which is expected to be one of the difficult parts in this project. So far, we are planning to place the shafts of the ailerons on spars in order to be designed simply. In addition, we will also design the wing root, the rudder and elevator mechanisms, and the layout of the control units such as servomotors and batteries and their cases. 主翼,水平尾翼,垂直尾翼の概形を決定し,CADでdxfファイルを生成した。特に主翼に関しては,五つのリブの位置と形状を決定し,バルサ材をレーザーカッターで加工しプロトタイプを生成した。レーザーカッター加工では初め出力が強すぎたため,バルサ材の一部が焦げるという事態が発生したが,出力を落とし送り速度を速くすることで適切にリブを切り出すことに成功した。来週以降はスパーの位置やエルロンの機構を設計し,リブの形状を詳細に決定する必要がある。特に私たちのグループはエルロンを備えた飛行機を作成する予定であるため,エルロンの位置形状や機構も決定した上で最終的なリブの形状を決定する必要があり,一つの難所であると予想される。現時点では,エルロンのシャフトはシンプルに設計するために,スパー上に配置する予定となっている。その他,主翼付根の設計,ラダーやエレベータの機構設計,サーボモータや電池といった制御部の配置とそれらのケースの作成も行う予定である。