2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 13th Team BJuly 06, 2016


[Summary of a weekly work]
This week, we completed making the airplane. In detail, we attached a motor, two servo motors, and a receiver to the body, and pasted some cherry blossoms because we associated them with our airplane’s name “Sakura” which meant Japanese name of cherry blossoms. We also adjusted the balance of our airplane, and tested if our airplane worked well. We also made boxes in which we put our airplane.
Now we are ready for the next week’s test flight. We hope our airplane flies without any problems.

As we mentioned, we have completed making our airplane and now we are ready for the test flight. We were able to share the work and cooperate with each other, so that we were able to finish this week’s work very quickly.

Nothing special.

Asahi Takenouchi
College of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo



竹ノ内 朝陽