2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 3rd Team D April 27, 2016


In this week, our team discussed the concepts of our plane, and made the initial three-view drawing. It was the first group activity on this project. We brought everyone’s ideas together and decided our team’s concepts. As a result of the discussion, we decided to make a plane that can fly stably at low speed. And also, we set a goal to lighten the plane as soon as possible in order to increase the payload. To put the concept into practice, our team is going to make a plane that has large wing areas.
At first, we had little knowledge about aircraft because we had never produced a model plane, but through the discussion, we investigated various things about the performance calculation of the planes and understood aircraft design more.
Although we created the initial three-view drawing and decided the guideline of design, we didn’t determine how to design the structures of the plane, what kind of materials we should use, where to set parts ,and so on. So we have to discuss the detailed of the structures and materials in next week.

Takeshi Tsujino
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

辻野 建資