2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 13July 10, 2019


In the class, we made the connection part of the frame. In the last class, main bodies were made. However, it was difficult to connect the pole inside the frame. The solution of this problem was to make the connection part for them made from plywood. Therefore, we made these parts using laser cutter. the picture are these parts. It took a lot of time to cut these parts because the laser cutter cannot be used with high power the veneer which we used was very thick.
Furthermore, one of the parts to fix motors were also created in this class by plywood using laser cutter. We already made the main parts to connect the pole of flame and motor, but they were a little weak to bear its weight. So, we add some more parts to reinforce them after fixed with instant adhesive. In that time, we use thinner plywood then we used for the connection parts, which I mentioned above. It did not take a long time to prepare these parts.
This class was the last class which our group can make drone in official class, but we couldn’t finish complete to make our drone, so we gather after the class and continued to make it. In addition, at first, we would make a hybrid plane, which is combine drone and plane. However, it seems difficult to make it because we do not have enough time, then we decided to make only drone parts. In the extracurricular activities, all parts were connected and fixed then codes were banded and fixed to the pole. Next week we are going to have a test flight. I have not seen such a big drone and it seems difficult to control its balance, but we hope it goes well.