2014 summer semester 7thJune 11, 2014


 This week the teams continued to make their airplanes. Most of the teams started to working on the main wings production. Main wings, as an example, consist of spars, ribs, leading edge rods, trailing edge rods, and plastic or paper film to form the surface. Main spars and a center rib will be the heaviest components because they undertakes most of the loads on the wings. In order to lighten these parts, for instance, we can utilize carbon fiber sheet to effectively strengthen the components. Shape of ribs will partly determine the shape of the wing, or airfoil, and is important, so using the laser cutter will be very helpful. After all the components are attached together, the film will be placed on the framework. This also requires certain skills since the pull of the film will sometimes significantly affects the shape of the airfoil.

 The main wings is the largest part of the airplane and the structure is three dimensional and complex, making its production the most difficult one. So all of the teams will have to use a lot of energy.

Shun Fujioka
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


藤岡 駿