2016 winter semester Flying Robot Project 1st Team COctober 26, 2016


I would like to start on with some explanation of the outline of our plane. We are planning to make some improvement on the main wing which is to mount a device that enables to change the attack angle depending on its speed. This modification is aimed to make the body horizontal to the ground at any speed, which will make it possible to mount a camera on the plane and stably photograph horizontally to the ground.

This week, we had three major assignments. First, we had to refine the trihedral figure of our model plane. Second was to determine the shape and the structure of the main wing. The last task was to design the mechanism that changes the attack angle of the main wing.

The three tasks mentioned in the summary were accomplished. Next week, we will have to brush up the structure of each section and start building the plane.

Kousuke Haruna



春名 航佑