2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 5December 11, 2019


Last time, we would plan to connect the propeller junction, which is to be produced with a 3D printer, to the drone body, and also want to continue producing the propeller protection department.
In fact, in this work, we were able to proceed with the propeller protection part to some extent as planned. The details are described below.
As for the drone body, we assembled it as shown in the picture because four motors used to rotate the propeller arrived. First of all, I attached a propeller joint made with a 3D printer before this work to the drone body made of balsa board two times before. Next, the propeller joints were connected using a thin and long adapter made of the same material as the drone body, and the drone body and the propeller joint were tightened using M3 45 mm screws and nuts. Since the screw to connect the propeller joint and the adapter was not in the screw store at a nearby store, we decided to purchase it by the next time. Finally, I tried to temporarily stop the motor, but the cord on the back of the motor hit the propeller joint and it could not be fixed properly, so I will process the propeller joint by the next time so that the cord does not hit the propeller joint I'm thinking
We were able to make a little progress in the production of the propeller protection part, but we only glued the material of the height part to the bottom surface of the cuboid part created last time. Instead, we proceeded with soldering the part connecting the microcomputer and the motor.
Next time, we will purchase screws to connect the propeller joint and the adapter in advance, and also work on the drone body to process the propeller joint so that the cord does not hit the propeller joint, and at the same time manufacture the propeller protection part, We also want to promote the soldering of the part connecting the microcomputer and the motor.