2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 1May 19, 2021 The University of Tokyo


This week, basic team made a trihedral figure including structure of airframe.
Last time, we received some indication that the tail plane’s moment arm is too large, and the elevator and the ladder interfere, so we modified the trihedral figure based on them. We also considered the structure of the main and tail wings, and the structure of the connection between the main wing and the fuselage.
After that, we calculated the weight of the airframe and the position of the center of gravity using Fusion360. We found that the weight would be 80g larger and the position of the center of gravity would be closer to the tail wing than expected. We are considering reducing the diameter of the body and installing the electrical parts closer to the front of body to deal with the problems.
We also chose necessary parts and made rough progress schedule.