2014 winter semester team B 1stNovember 12, 2014


 The concept of B team is " challenging automatic control ", so we aim to make an airplane which can turn around or fly tracing out a figure of eight automatically after taking off with manual control. Concretely we intend to improve "SKIP", which is an airplane having took part in the manual control division of last contest, and add the functions of automatic control to this airplane.
 Last week, to draw the initial design of the new SKIP, we decided on the specification, evaluated some necessary values of the airplane with reference to calculations and compared with other airplanes. We expect to downsize the whole airframe, mainly wings greatly and reduce the weight of the airplane compensating for implementations of new functions.
 We are going to draw the initial design and also more specific design next week.

Department of Materials Engineering
Ken-ichi Inoue
 昨日は新たなSKIP の初期三面図を書き起こすべくスペックを決め、そこから必要とされる設計や数値を計算や他の機体を参考にしながら決めました。翼を中心に大幅に小型化でき、自動操縦が実装される分を軽量化できる予定です。