2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 2November 06, 2019


Hello, I’m Take Okamoto, from group D of flying robot project 2019 autumn. In today’s class, we have completed making a vertical tail, rudder, tail plane and learned how to operate laser cutters. I will do my best to use laser cutters efficiently because I will use it many times from now on. Also, we have succeeded in loading CAD data of airfoil. Developing an autopilot system group have started to test operation.
Next week, the motor we ordered will arrive and we will design motor mount based on it.
Also, we will complete making elevator and print wing body joints with laser cutters. We will prepare to start making main wing of a flying robot from the week after next. The structure of flying robot has been decided, so we are looking forward to completion.
Thank you.