2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 4May 16, 2018


Today we have completed the first version of our elevator and rudder. We were all very excited because it really looked “ready to fly.” We also tried cutting out some more parts using the laser cutter. However we realized that in some places the balsa became WAY too thin. Some of the pieces broke before we even touched it! Given these consequences we were forced to reconsider the design of those parts by moving the holes away from the edge. Changing our blueprint on the computer is not something we can do in a team, so two of us worked on it while the remaining three decided to make a second rudder and a second elevator. We were certain that it was going to break, and we thought that having some spare pieces is absolutely necessary. I t seems that our third grader has been teaching our first grader how to use 3D CAD. The fact that only one person could use 3D CAD has been a major problem in our team, as it would mean he would have to do all the designing. It seems that his computer is not the newest model, which makes CAD softwares crash once in a while. If we have two people who know how to use CAD, we might be able to make our blueprints a little bit more efficiently. As a matter of fact, it would be ideal if everyone could design pieces using CAD because then, in principle, the time we use for designing would become 1/5. It would always be great if we can use CAD, because we live in the 21st century and not many people draw blueprints with only pencils and rulers. Maybe it’s time I and the other second-graders also started studying how to use CAD! 今日は一つ目の尾翼ができました。いかにも飛びそうに見えるのでみんな興奮気味でした。  また、レーザーカッターを使って部品をさらに切り出してみたのですが、所々バルサが薄すぎて触る前に壊れでしまいました。仕方がないのでバルサに穴を開ける位置を端から遠ざけることにしました。 設計図を変えるのはそんな何人でできる作業でもないので、二人がそれをやっている間残る三人はもう一組尾翼を作ることにしました。尾翼のバルサはあまりに華奢だし、絶対に飛ばしているうちに壊れるというのが目に見えていたからです。  最近うちのチームの三年生が一年生の子にCADの使い方を教えているようです。チーム内にCADを使える人が一人しかいないというのが私たちのチームが抱える大きな問題の一つなのです。しかもその彼のPCはどうもあまり新しいモデルではないらしく、CADを使っていると結構頻繁にクラッシュしたりしてしまうそうです。もしCADを使える人が一人でも増えたら設計の作業が大幅に効率化されるでしょう。まあ理想を言えばチーム全員使えるようになった方が良いのですが。ともかく、もはや紙と鉛筆だけで設計をする人もだいぶ減ってきたであろう21世紀においてCADの勉強は何かしら為になるに決まっています。我々二年生軍団も頑張って勉強するべきですね。