2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 3June 07, 2023


This week, we started constructing the main wing using the ribs we cut out from the 3mm thick balsa boards with the laser cutter last week. We printed and brought a real-size blueprint of the ribs of the main wing when looked at from above. Since we had to print the blueprint using A4 size paper, we stuck them together properly by cutting part of the margin and combining them.
Next, we placed the ribs in the according place and secured them using masking tape. Ensuring that the ribs stood vertically, three 4mm*4mm balsa sticks were inserted to put the ribs together. At first, we had to force the sticks into the gaps, and the rib making the end of the main wing was slightly off the ground. A teacher who saw this told us some of the balsa sticks could be crooked. When we checked this, we noticed that the balsa sticks near the leading and trailing edges of the wing were bent significantly. Furthermore, since the laser cutter cuts the material from directly above, the sides of the gaps were vertical although the balsa stick went through diagonally, and we realized that this was also a cause of the misalignment. After correcting these issues and attaching the sticks to the rib using instant glue, the wing framework was completed.
We also started constructing the tail wing. Using the laser cutter, we cut out the parts from the 3mm thick balsa boards and glued them together using instant glue. One of the parts we cut out last week was extremely weak and bendy (maybe due to the humidity?), so we will cut this part again next week and continue making the tail wing.