2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 4December 22, 2021


In this activity, we made a cable to connect one T-connecter (male) to six ESCs.

Our hexacopter has the structure that one battery supplies power to six ESCs, ESCs supply power to motors, and ESCs' BECs supply power to flight controller. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the current from one battery into six. Quadcopters built in the past seem to use a universal circuit board to divide the power, but the size of the flight controller for our hexacopter was not fixed, and we were not sure if there was enough space to install a universal circuit board. So we decided to use cables for power distribution, which can be installed flexibly in the available space.

We soldered six positive and six negative electrodes of the ESC to the two cables with seven exposed wires that we made last time. At this time, I soldered the heat-shrinkable tubes so that they could be covered in six places, as shown in the photo below. Soldering the cables together seemed to be very difficult, although I did not do it.

What I'm worried about now is the loss of power; both the 2mm connector and the cable we made in this activity are not in direct contact with each other, but rely on the conductivity of the solder. Since the electrical resistance of solder is not small, the heat generation and power loss must be large, and I am very concerned about whether the thrust calculated by ecalc will actually be generated.