2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 4December 27, 2023


This week, Group D proceeded with making the multicopter itself and operating the software.
As we almost finished making the bottom part of the multicopter the previous week, we attached balsa wood members for landing it. Then, we continued making components made of carbon tubes and wood to connect the upper half and the bottom half of the multicopter. We also managed to connect them with four carbon tubes. In the remaining time, we cut more carbon tube components.
In regards to software, we are still at the practice stage, but we tried rotating the motor. We could not rotate it at first, but we managed to rotate it after changing the hardware. We also confirmed that the LEDs flash.
Next time, we hope to proceed to the stage of attaching propellers for horizontal movement in terms of the body of the multicopter. We also want to handle the software in a big way.