2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 4May 22, 2019


Continuing from last week, we made our prototype of the airplane. Last week, we cut styrene boards in order to make the main wing. This week, I built the Styrene boards and made the wing. We had been concerned about the strength of the wing, but we found that Styrene boards were more robust than we had imagined and there was no need to reinforce the wing. In addition, I made ailerons and a tail wing. Because Styrene boards are heavy, I did not use Styrene boards but use paper and thin boards for the ailerons and the tail wing. We made ailerons and tail using life-size designs. We glued the paper to thin crates with adhesive, but the adhesive was slow to dry, and this work didn't go well.
We put paper in thin crates, and we made the ailerons and tail wing. This made it possible to reduce the weight of the prototype and prevent the center of gravity from being too far behind.
Next week the glue on the ailerons and tail wing will be completely dry. From next week on, we plan to attach the aileron and tail to the wings which we created this week. Also, last week we purchased the motor, but the motor has not arrived yet. The motor will be delivered by next week, and we plan to install the motor in the next class.
When we decided to make the prototype, we were going to finish making the prototype more quickly. However, we are behind schedule and it will be difficult to complete the plane by the deadline, so we will hurry to make the plane and work outside of class time to complete the prototype as soon as possible. I hope that the creation of the prototype will end soon.
先週に引き続き、飛行機の試作機を私たちは作りました。先週, 私たちは主翼を作るためにスチレンボードを切りました。今週は、スチロンボードを組み立てて主翼を作りました。私たちは主翼の強度を心配していたのですが、スチロンボードは想像以上に頑丈で、主翼の補強をする必要はないとわかりました。また、エルロンと尾翼の作成をしました。スチロンボードは重いので、エルロンと尾翼にはスチロンボードを使用せず、薄い木の板を使用しました。私たちは、実物大の設計図を用いて、エルロンや尾翼を作成しました。私たちは紙を木枠にボンドで貼り付けたのですが、接着剤が乾燥するのが遅く、作業が捗りませんでした。