2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 6June 05, 2019


This week, We worked on wing structure and motor mounting.Right wing structure which we have made last week had serious failure in wash out angle. So we remade it. We made jig tool in order not to make the same mistake and improved accuracy.

Mounted motors are shown in the figure. As you can see, our motors and propellers direct downward because our aircraft will have only upward thrust. Ribs beside motors are bigger than others. We expect them to work as air-duct and to improve thrust.

Our aircraft has 2 types of motion. One is the vertical rise and the other is the glide. 2 motors will stabilize and lift up aircraft in the vertical rise part. They can also lift it in the gliding part.

Details of stabilizing of roll, pitch and yaw is as follows.

1.We can control roll angle by thrust gap between right and left motors.
2.We will move some weight forward and backward in order to move center of gravity. Pitch angle will be controlled by it.
3.Right and left motors rotate to the opposite direction. The gap of them will cause yaw momentum. However we can't control yaw angle.

As I wrote in "3." we can't control yaw angle because we use the gap of motors thrust for controlling roll angle. If coupling of roll and yaw were in the best case, we may be able to control them. However that miracle won't happen, so we ignore yaw stabilization. It means the aircraft will rotate in yaw direction during vertical rise part, and we will control yaw angle by rudder during the glide part. It is challenging but we will work on it at max effort.