2014 winter semester team B 4thDecember 03, 2014


Weekly report from team B(automatic controlling).
This week we have decided the concrete schedules of the plan, and the part arrangements. We have also assigned required materials and made an estimate of the total fees.
We have presented our results in the lecture, and there were few advices from the teachers about the automatic controls, and the construction of the main wing.
We have found out that, to decide the parameter values of the automatic controls, it would be the best to actually fly the plane. And also we found out that there is only one spar needed to maintain enough strength for the plane.
The same day, we started detailed designing of the main wing, and made concreate decisions about the arrangements and measurements of the spar and leading and trailing edges.
We are planning to start production from the next Monday.

Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology Aerospace Engineering Course
Takumi Tomita

都立産業技術高等専門学校 航空宇宙工学コース
冨田 匠