2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 4May 29, 2019


 In today’s class, we designed and made reinforcing elements, elevons and vertical stabilizers.
 Mr. S tried to strengthen the main wing with bracing wire, but he concluded it was difficult in terms of stiffness and manufacture. So we decided to strengthen the main wing with diagonal structural elements(we are going to make it next week). Then he started to design truss structure which connects the central pole and main wing. We think the truss structure is necessary. It’s because we’ve made the pair of half wing separately and there is no carry through structure, which leads to fragile main wing.
 Mr. K handled elevons. They are the control surfaces which control both pitch angle and roll angle. He designed them and cut out the parts. The next thing he has to do is to assemble them, paste paper on them and attach them to main wing. Then elevons are completed.
 I handled vertical stabilizers. They are the surfaces which are attached to wing tips.
First of all, I had to make the structure of them, so I used sticks of balsa wood. I measured the length of them exactly, cut them into short sticks and pasted them on paper. I haven’t completed them yet and I also have to make rudders which is attached to vertical stabilizers, so I should hurry.
 Each member is doing the part in charge, and first machine is getting closer to completion. I’m really looking forward to the first flight.