2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 13th Team EJuly 06, 2016


This week, we almost completed making our plane. Also, we finished testing our autopilot system.
In the last class, we started mounting devices such as the battery or the motor on the body of the plane. At first we were planning to make boxes for each device and attaching the boxes to the body of the plane with the device in it. However, it came out that we didn’t have much time left. Even after we finish constructing our plane, we have to test if our autopilot system works. Also, mounting many boxes on the body increases the total mass of our plane.
Therefore, after the class, we discussed how to connect devices without spending much time. Though we had some difficulties in designing parts which connected the bases of our autopilot system with the body, we were able to find solutions in the end. The next day we finished attaching every device.
One of the problems remaining is we are not sure whether our autopilot system works as the plane flies. Next week, we’ll have a flight test for the first time. In the flight test, we will fly our plane and see how we can make our autopilot system better.

Kota Dohi
Junior Student
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

土肥 宏太