2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team H Article 2May 09, 2018


This week, we have assembled our aircraft. The airplane on the right side of this picture is the airplane which we made this week and the other one is our prototype airplane. We worked so hard this week. We attached ailerons and motors, and made the foldable airframe, and finally, we completed our first flight model. Next week, we are going to have our first flight test with manned operation at University of Tokyo. Though we are confident with our airplane, there are some points we worry about. One point is about the position of the center of gravity. Because our airplane is designed to be folded in a specific sized can, we did not have enough room to place balance weights. Therefore, at the moment, the center of gravity is located behind the aerodynamic center and it could cause a serious problem. Another concern is about twisting stiffness of axis. After the flight test, we will tackle on those problems. 今週は機体の制作・組み立てを行った。写真の右側が今週完成させた一号機で、左側が検討段階でのプロトタイプである。今週私たちは非常に精力的に機体製作を行い、一週間で機体を完成させることができた。しかし、いくつかの心配点もある。まず、機体の重心である。現在、缶に収まらなければならないという制約があるため、重心を調整するための重りを配置するスペースがなく、空力中心より後ろに重心が位置してしまっている。また、機軸のねじり剛性も懸念事項である。飛行試験が終わった後にそれらの問題に取り組みたいと考えている。