2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 2June 27, 2018


This week additional wing was assembled using parts created in previous weeks. The faulty body frame assembly from last week was disassembled. The edges where the parts were glued together were sanded down for reassembly. For the reassembly jigs, to ensure that the parts were in correct angle, were created to aid the reassembly process. The reassembly of the body was successful. After the frame for the body were finished, the wing assemblies were combined with the body to form the frames for entire plane, leaving propulsion and control system. Meanwhile as the wing assembly was completed, it turned out that frames for drag rudders were too big to fit in the gap which was designed to fit the rudders in. this is due to the spacing between the ribs, between which drag rudder is to rest, was ever so slightly smaller than our original design. To adjust that, additional 1mm x 1mm stick was glued inside the frame for the rudder, to make it possible to sand down the side to shorten the width of the rudders, while maintaining the structural strength. Additional diagonal reinforcement was added which increased resiliency against twisting. According to the original plan, 5mm x 5mm square rod was to be used as the beams which were to connect wing ribs together. However, even though the order had been placed months ago, the rod never actually arrived. We have decided to resort to use combination of 2mm x 5mm, and 3mm x 5mm rod, glued together to reach our original desired dimension. This alternative will give the wings additional strength at the cost of increased weight. 今週はもう一方の翼も組み立てられた。失敗した胴体フレームは解体された。パーツが接合されていた端は再組みたてのために削られた。今回組み立てるときは正しい角度を保障するためにジグを作った。今回の組み立てはうまくいった。 胴体フレームが完成したあと翼は本体と組み合わされた。これで推進系以外は完成だ。 翼は完成したが、ドラッグラッダーの取りつけ位置が少々狭すぎることがわかった。これはリブが設計より少々小さくなってしまったためである。それを修正するために、もう1本1x1mmの棒をドラッグラダーの内側に接着して、両側を削った。さらに対角線を補強した。 元の計画では、桁に5x5mmの棒を使う予定であったが、一向に届かないので、2mm x 5mm, と3mm x 5mmをつかうことにした。こうすることによって更に桁の強度が得られる。