2015 summer semester team D 5thJune 17, 2015


Project has been delayed. According to the first plan, the frame of the main wing should be completed within the previous week, but we had only cut out them from material by the lecture on Wednesday. Therefore we decided again to accelerate the building rate.
Our aim of this week is to complete wings including small parts such as the joints between the main wing and the shaft. Actually we found that making them is quite tough as all these small parts need to be designed on the computer so that they can carved out with the laser cutter. In addition to that, on starting construction, we noticed our design holds some mistakes. Thus achieving our aim this week is not easy.
As for the control progress is on schedule. Servo motor can be driven by the microcomputer now. The program on microcomputer needs adjustment in parameters according to the plane’s attributes but the adjustment has to be done after completing the plane itself, so our first priority is physical construction.
One of our teammate attended a meeting on last Saturday, in which several famous teams and other participants in the competition get together to exchange information. And one of the famous teams, which we refer to very often, gave us a lot of experiences concerning structure and control. This will help us a lot.

Department of Mechano-Informatics
Shun Yasunaga

安永 竣