2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 3June 20, 2018


This week we mainly focused on cutting out balsa wood and checking the circuit. At very first stage, we planned to make the all or almost all body with a 3D printer, but it turned out that the body might be a little too heavy when picking all the parts we made by 3D printer. Thus, we decided to switch one of the body parts to balsa wood, which is much lighter than the resin of the 3D printer. Since it looks inferior to the original model, it is a little troubling. We will check whether thrust is enough to lift the body all by the 3D printer’s resin or not. If so, it might be changed again. Also, we checked the circuit this week. It seemed quite complicated at first, and we did not understand what and how to do. We googled and asked TAs for help, and roughly grasped the connection between each part. Plus, by putting parts at appropriate positions one by one, it became clear. The picture shows the arrangement we did at the time. Next week we will focus on soldering in order to connect the parts. Also, we need to change connectors for some parts. We would solder as much as we could be a master of soldering. Since the schedule of the flight test is fixed, the time remained is limited and not that mush. We would like to bring the circuit to completion by around next week and conduct a flight test or do something close to that in two weeks. 今週はバルサ材の切り出しと回路の確認を主に行いました。初めは機体のボディをすべて3Dプリンターで作る予定でしたが、出来たパーツをいざまとめて持ってみるとなかなかの重量で、、、3Dプリンタの樹脂よりもずっと軽いバルサ材を一部に用いることにしました。当初のモデルよりも見た目は劣るので、少し悩みどころではあります。今後、プロペラの推力を見つつ再度変更となるかもしれません。 また、今回は回路の確認も行いました。なかなか複雑で、最初はどこからどうつつけばいいのか、という状態でした。TAの方に聞いたりして各部品の接続の関係は大方把握しました。写真はそれぞれのつながりがわかるように配置したものです。来週は、これらを実際に接続させるため、はんだ付けがメインになると思います。また、必要に応じてコネクタ部分を変えることもしなければいけません。はんだ付けマスターを目指して、せっせとはんだ付けをしていきたいと思います。 飛行試験の日程も決まり残り時間も限られてきたので、来週あたりまでに回路を完成させ、再来週ごろには飛行させる、あるいはそれに近いことができるところまで持っていきたいです。