2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2December 11, 2019


Our group, Group A, has decided to make an all-wing aircraft. The all-wing aircraft has the complicated shape, because the main wing and the tail wing are merged. However, all of us would like to make the flying robot which has the big main wing, so we have decided this shape of the aircraft.
All of the members of Group A are the first grader student. So, we have the great anxiety, but we try to get over the obstacle with the help of TA.
In the class of this week, we had made two things. First, we, all the member of Group A, made the tail. Second, we printed out the blueprint of the main wing.
First, I will talk about the tail. We made the tail of the wood, because the wood is very light and the intense. We will attach the tail to the rear of the main wing. We will attach the paper to the framework of the tail, considering the air resistance.
Second, I will introduce the print of the main wing. Considering the very big size of our main wing, which has 0.38m2, we have printed out the blueprint of the main wing into two A0 papers. The printer we used belongs to other laboratories. It is very far from our classroom and very inconvenience for us. I think that we should have the printer in our classroom.
We will make the framework of the main wing on the blueprint of it with wood on the next week.
Thank you for supporting our study.