2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 8th Team BMay 30, 2016


This week our team have made a framework of the vertical tail. Last week we had made 3D models of the tail, so we printed the models of real scale on the paper and used them as drafts. We spread the drafts on a table and fixed them with a tape, and covered the drafts with a film to protect them. We placed balsa timbers on the drafts and pinned them to the table. Attaching each timber by using glue, the framework of the elevator face and the vertical tail were completed. A little stronger timbers were used to a dividing line between the elevator face and the vertical tail.
This week the vertical tail was completed. And we found that the size of timber should be different in proportion to the required strength. The wider or thicker timber should be applied to the bone where the force concentrates or where frequently moves in flight.
However, there were some problems. This week we were going to craft a framework of the horizontal tail, but we failed to print its draft and so all four members of our team crafted only the vertical tail. This style was not effective, and we should prepare alternative work anytime.

Kazuki Ishihama
College of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo

東京大学教養学部2年 石濱和樹