2017 winter semester Flying Robot Project 1st Team AOctober 18, 2017


This week we designed the detailed structure of our plane. Each member drew drafts based on the initial three-view drawings and one of them was adopted to our plane. It was somewhat puzzling to design structure that was easy to assemble as well as having enough strength to fly. At first, we were to make the tail assembly cross-shaped considering downwash, but eventually it was replaced with standard one because it was much easier to assemble. In the class, we worked on only the tail assembly and have not decided structure of the wing. In the following class, we will start to assemble the plane, so it is necessary to decide it by the next week. 今週私たちは飛行機の詳細な構造を設計しました。それぞれのメンバーが初期三面図を基にして構造案を描き、そのうちの一つを採用しました。飛行するのに十分強く、同時に組み立てやすい構造を設計するのは幾分悩ましいものでした。初め私たちは吹き降ろしを考慮して尾翼を十字型にする予定でしたが、結局組み立てがより容易である普通の尾翼に変更しました。授業では尾翼のみに取り組み、主翼の構造はまだ決定していません。次回以降の授業では飛行機を組み立て始めるので、来週までに主翼の構造を決定する必要があります。