2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 6June 12, 2019


Last week, we confirmed the rotation of motors and the connection of the circuits. The next thing we had to do was to make frames of the body. We separated tasks into three, making motor mounts, designing the place to fix Pixhawk and other circuits and a battery, and designing the main frame of the airplane.
We planned to make multicopter part first to check hovering. The multicopter will be made by connecting the motor mounts by the pipe of CFRP. The pipe had already prepared, so the most prioritized task was to make motor mounts. The drawing of the mounts had been made last time, and we cut them from balsa wood by using laser cutter. It was the first time to use the laser cutter, but we made the mounts successfully thanks to the help of teaching assistants.
In addition, we designed some other part by CAD software. One person designed the place to fix circuits by checking the hybrid plane which had been made by other group before this term. That will be made next week. Another person designed the main bone of the airplane, and this will take two weeks or more.