2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 6June 12, 2019


This week, we finally finished procuring all the necessary parts and started on the last phase of the construction, and the final shape of the aircraft began to show itself.
With a little more work, we should be able to start on the test flights (though the first step will be only taxiing and no flying....). The parts that we worked on today was the, Rudder, Elevon, battery/ESC platform and the middle body support structure. The construction of the middle support structure was quite a difficult job, and we unfortunately did not manage to complete it exactly as designed, ending up with some tilt and unintentional space.....It became apparent that in order to achieve accuracy and smooth construction, a building support and careful planning beforehand was required.... Something that we will like to improve on our work in the future. Other than above, we decided to change the thrust profile to a tractor style from the pusher style, since the building process turned out to be much easier, and there seemed to be more chance of successful flight in this way due to center of body mass and so on.
We checked the servos and motor behavior to end today's work.
With the construction of the wheels and a few more bonding... it will be time for some test flying !