2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 5th Team EMay 11, 2016


This week our team made a third draft of the 3-view drawing for our plane. Last week we made a major change to the design of our plane. Due to these changes, we were told that our plane would be quite hard to make, and control. However, our concept was to make a simple plane that can be controlled easily. Therefore we made some slight changes from our second design to make our plane go by our concept. To be specific, we changed the main wing to a normal gull wing from a gull wing with two joints. Due to this improvement, our plane has become much stronger and easier to make. We also made the dihedral angle bigger to make our plane more roll stable.
This week we also started to search on how to make our plane automatically circle. We found out that a triaxial accelerometer and a gyroscope will be needed to detect our plane’s position. We started to test these two components using arduino, and were successful in detecting the roll and pitch angle using an accelerometer.
During this week we were able to design a plane with a fashionable design that should be able to fly slowly, thanks to the advice from our mentors.
This week we were also able to detect the angular velocity of a breadboard, using a gyroscope, but we still are not sure how to use this data. There is also a need to search on how to control our plane using only the rudder and the elevator.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Keisuke Kanda
 今週は自動旋回を行うための電気回路に関することの調査を行いました。その結果、三軸の加速度センサとジャイロが必要であることがわかり、加速度センサを用いて機体の傾きの検知に成功しました。 ジャイロセンサは使い方はわかったものの、取得したデータの利用の仕方がまだ不明です。また、ラダーとエレベーターのみで機体を制御する方法も調べる必要があります。

航空宇宙工学科3年 神田圭介