To Indoor Flying Robot Contest 1stAugust 11, 2013


“Indoor airplane project” as the classwork of the university has finished. However, we continue to make airplanes because we will participate in ”Indoor Airplane Contest” in October. 授業としての飛行ロボットプログラムは終了し、10月の飛行ロボットコンテストを目指した活動へとシフトします。メンバーは飛行ロボットプログラムの5人がそのまま継続します。

In this week, we assembled rudder,elevator, ailerons and other components that is related to rudders.
First, we fixed the rudders and ailerons to tail planes and main wings.
They are tied up with strings. To make the ruder and the elevator move smoothly, the trailing edges of tail planes are shaved like edge.
Second, we cut the parts of the mounts that are used to fix the motor, servomotors, the receiver and the speed controller. They are cut by laser cutter. They need to be strong and we made them by aircraft grade plywood that is much stronger than balsa. When we cut them, we got into trouble of using the laser cutter. As the result of this problem, we run out of time. So, we could not assemble these parts.
Next week, we will assemble the main wing, tail planes, the fuselage and other equipment.
1 エレベーター、ラダーそしてエルロンの取り付け
2 モーター、サーボモーター、その他電子機器のマウント制作
1についてはあと片側のエルロンの 取り付けを残すのみとなっていましたが、取りつけ方法の改正のため、エレベーターとエルロンの取り付けをやり直すこととなりました。

菅原 寛生(Hirotaka Sugawara)