2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1May 08, 2019


Last week, our team designed structure of our aircraft. Our team is going to participate in the“All Japan Student's Indoor Flying Robots Contest". Therefore we have to finish designing the aircraft and start creating it as soon as possible in order to practice how to make it fly smoothly. Since two of our teammates (including me) was in this course last year, we partly know the process of creating a small-sized aircraft. Therefore, I personally believe that we can finish creating our first aircraft soon.

Today, we started creating our own small-sized aircraft, since our team had finished designing it during Golden Week, which is one of Japanese holidays. First of all, we decided to make a horizontal stabilizer and an elevator at the tail assembly of the aircraft, so we printed the blueprint of the tail assembly and tried to make it with balsa wood. When we were about to finish our first task, one of our teammates noticed that the tail assembly we were creating seemed small. His sense of discomfort was right. We misprinted the size of the blueprint. Soon after we realized that issue, we redesigned the size of the tail assembly and printed the blueprint of it. Then today’s lecture was over. Our achievement for today was to create only a sample of the tail assembly which cannot be used to create our aircraft. Next week, I hope we can complete the tail assembly and start creating a main wing.