2017 winter semester Flying Robot Project 7th Team ADecember 06, 2017


On December 6, we almost finished assembling the main wing, even though the ailerons must be attached to it. We obtained a square CFRP stock, so it was much easier to get the ribs on the same angle.Three different colors of paper, white, blue and yellow, which represents our university, was used and these are the symbol of the University of Tokyo and another of the department of aeronautics and astronautics on the center of the main wing. Now we already have most of the materials necessary to assemble the plane, such as a motor, a speed controller and a propeller, we can now move on to final assembly. Next week, we will attach the ailerons to the main wing, radder to vertical stabilizer and elevators to horizontal stabilizer. 12月6日には、主翼はほぼ完成、エルロンを取り付ける作業を残すところとなった。角のCFRPパイプが手に入ったので、リブを同じ角度に揃えるのが比較的やりやすかった。東大のスクールカラーである白と青と黄色の紙を貼り、大学のマークと航空宇宙学科のマークを付けた。モーターやスピードコントローラーやプロペラが揃ったので、組み立てができるようになった。次週は、エルロンやラダー、エレベーターの取り付けを行う予定だ。