2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 4June 14, 2023


This week, work was divided into two groups: members working on the main wings and members working on the tail fins.

I was in charge of the main wing, so I will report progress mainly on the main wing.

First, we attached a bamboo string to the leading edge of the wing. After that, we discussed with the members and decided what to put on the upper part of the wing and how. After discussion, it was decided to use balsa wood for the entire surface of the wing, taking into account its strength, weight, and ease of construction. The reason behind this was the concern that if balsa material was applied to only part of the wing, it would cause bumps on the surface of the wing when the film was applied, and the weight increase was found to be only about 10 g per wing.

Since the balsa wood is straight at first, bending it and gluing it back together will cause the balsa wood to try and peel, so it was discussed to wet it with water, bend it, and then apply it. It was decided to do this next week if the part temporarily glued this week peels off next week.

I also drilled holes in the ribs when I designed them so that carbon pipes could be passed through them if the strength was not sufficient. However, since the balsa material will be applied to the entire surface, it seems that it will not be necessary to put the carbon pipe through the ribs.

This week I saw the actual servo that will be used for the first time and was glad to see that it is smaller than expected and does not seem to affect the weight much.

Finally, as I write about the progress of the work to build the tail fin, the members working on the tail fin were stretching the film to the vertical tail fin and testing the joining of the horizontal and vertical tail fins.