2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 5th Team AMay 11, 2016


Since we had several holidays this week, we did not have classes. Despite that, thanks to the TA members, we were able to have our 2nd version plan checked. The correction notes said that the ailerons were too close to the body and might not be effective enough. Therefore, we decided to make some changes in the structure of the main wing and the shape of the ailerons. First, we extended the ailerons to the tip of the main wing to improve the effectiveness of the ailerons. Since this change puts more weight, we reduced the number of the ribs from 7 to 5 for each main wing. Also, we also made small changes to the vertical tail.
The main achievement of this week was that we were able to design all of the basic structures of the plane. We still have several things before actually starting to craft it, such as the link structures around servomotors, but overall, it was a big step forward.
However, not all of the team members joined this week's activity because we could not arrange the schedule. We need to think how to share the work equally to all members in order to avoid only certain person do almost all the work.

Toshiya Maki
2nd year sophomore student
University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences (Science 1 course)

眞木 俊弥