2015 summer semester team B 2ndMay 27, 2015


Weekly report from team B. In this week's class, we presented our structural three-view drawing which we drew after thinking about suggestions and advices we got in the last week's presentation. As for this week's presentation, the TAs' comments on it can be summed up in three main points: the tailplane needs more structural support (so more ribs), having only one junction point for the wing and the body is not enough to stabilize the entire wing, and the wing is so thick that it may increase air resistance. We worked on the tailplane structure right away, and now the tailplane has two extra supporting ribs in parallel with the body. We took away one rib each from pairs of ribs that are making a cross to counter the weight gain. Right now, we are still thinking about how the shape of the wing and the wing-body junction should be improved.

Science 1, College of Arts and Sciences
Go Yasui

安井 豪